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        Compang Profile

        Guangzhou Zhanye Machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the most prestigious food machinery manufacturers in China, which occupies the largest market share of edible frying oil filters. We provide high quality and reliable edible frying oil filters along with fast-response post-sale service to our customers all around the world. Our products have been widely used in more than 30 countries and regions.


        Since 1992, Zhanye strives to lead the frying oil filter market in product innovation and development. We have an experienced R&D team which is dedicated to design and improve the technological process of purifying frying oil, and provide our customers with more reliable frying oil filters. The first generation of our machine was made in 1994. With continuous improvement based on the market needs and customer requirements, Zhanye edible frying oil filter has evolved into the fifth generation with four series and more than 10 categories to suit different frying food production scales.

        In order to ensure that our products can achieve better filtering efficiency, performance and reliability, we established a rigorous quality control system in all stages of the production.

          Add:No. 385-5,donghuan road, Panyu, Guangzhou.China